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For maps, tournaments, and things like that.  If you're really anti-nationalist, choose "Planet Earth".
help                  videoView a short video to help get you started with the game lobby.
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Pc, Mac or Linux uses Java on desktops.  If your browser has java support, there will
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See NeedsJava page for more advice.

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The apps ought to work from any modern device, but tablet-sized devices with at least 1G of memory are recommended.   Phones will work, but the screens are annoyingly small. The CPUs, of mobile devices are pretty wimpy, so the robots for many of games are not playable.  You'll have to play other people, or use your desktop mobile.

The apps do not have any advertising or in-app purchases.  Just the games.

Registration and play are free.  You are a guest of the site, so please behave yourself.  Other than that, play fair, and have fun.

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