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Yspahan is a "standard medium euro" economic game.  The goal of the game is to score victory points, which are aquired in several different ways, but resources are quite limited, so there is no easy way to guarantee a win.   The most clever and unusual aspect of the game is how it uses dice, lots of dice, to create variety.  The dice are rolled once per round, then each player selects a group of dice to use for the round, and players all get equal chances to get first choice of the newly rolled dice.

The rules of  Yspahan are a little complex, so unless you are already familiar with the game, you should read the official rules here.

Yspahan plays well with either 3 or 4 players, and online should take 1/2 hour or less.

Robots:  Goal-oriented (rather than lookahead driven) AIs by Gunther Rosenbaum ("Guenther" on the site).
The robots are ported from the Yspahan PC game and slightly modified.  All robots are interested in constructing buildings (and therefore collecting resources), but the sequence is adapted to their overall goal.
  • Dumbot:: At the beginning of the game he starts filling soaks, at the end of the game he uses the supervisor. He never attacks his opponents directly.
  • Smartbot: is a soak builder. He will never use the supervisor.
  • Bestbot: is a caravan player. He builds some soaks, but mainly he wants to use the supervisor and to get extra cards using building 4. Sometimes he attacks his opponents strength.
Bestbot should be stronger than Smartbot; Dumbot might have simular strength as Smartbot.
yspahan board

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The back story: 
Yspahan is one of my favorite euros.  The unusual use of the dice keeps the game fresh.  It's quick, but always a tough balancing act.     Sebastien Pauchon agreed immediately to allow it here, but it took several attempts to get through the spam filter at Ystari.


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