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Last Days!  Browser support for java is ending soon.  Please switch to using java web start
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Set Login Cookie After you login, bookmark the page you see, and use it to log in to boardspace without entering your name and password again.

   The login button will take you to the online lobby, which is the central point for starting or observing games.   See the help page for how to get around in the lobby.

  help videoView a short video to help get you started with the game lobby.

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error from /cgi-bin/applettag.cgi Stack Trace:
applettag.cgi:405 in function main::log_error
applettag.cgi:412 in function main::print_tag
applet tag version is not defined

There should be a java applet above this line which shows your java version. If there is none, Get the Java Plug-in here.

If a permission menu appears, you have to allow it of course.

 to launch the Boardspace client from your desktop.

See the NeedsJava page for advice.

PC Mac or Linux desktops

Use java web start to launch the Boardspace client from your desktop.

Android and IOS

Google Play (free) or Itunes store (free)

The apps ought to work from any modern device, but tablet-sized devices with at least 1G of memory are recommended.   Phones will work, but the screens are annoyingly small. The CPUs, of mobile devices are pretty wimpy, so the robots for many of games are not playable.  You'll have to play other people, or use your desktop mobile.

The apps do not have any advertising or in-app purchases.  Just the games.

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