Enter Loa Games

In principle, you should be able to enter, comment and view games directly from you java-enabled browser, but in practice (due to paranoia and the immature state of the java applet security model), you can only do it if your browser is Internet Explorer.

Alternatively, if you have an environment to execute java applications, you can run the LOA applet as an application.

Note that unless you've downloaded the applet to your local disk, and are using a properly configured version of Microsoft Explorer, the "Load" and "Save" buttons will not be functional.

Download Instructions for Microsoft Explorer

  1. Download this zip file
  2. Unpack the contents anywhere you like
  3. Configure Internet Explorer to allow applets to write files.
  4. Point your java-enabled browser to "enter.html" in the unzipped hierarchy

Download Instructions for standalone Java Application

You must have JDK 1.02, or some equivalent java runtime installed.

  1. Download this zip file
  2. Place LoaLib.zip anywhere in your java Classpath. You do not need to unpack LoaLib.zip into its component parts.
  3. To run the LOA applet, type "java loa.ui.LoaFrame", or the equivalent non-command-line incantation to get the same effect

Standalone Windows-95 / Windows-NT application

The same java code, prepared as a standalone application for windows-95/nt. If you aren't configured for Java, this is probably the most convenient way to view and enter games.

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