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Some abstract games are based on simple rules that take only a minute to explain.  Plateau is not one of those; but don't be put off by the relatively complex rules; plateau is worth the effort.   The goal of plateau is to either capture six opposing pieces, or construct a stack of six of your own pieces.   The special feature of plateau is that the playing pieces are double sided, and your opponent does not know what is on the hidden side of any piece you play until you flip it over.

Without the hidden information, plateau would be a very boring capturing game.  With the hidden information, every move is a potential bluff, or a potential surprise.  There are so few pieces, it's sometimes possible to deduce the true identity of the pieces, but more often you are forced to outwit your opponent rather than out think them.

Robots: Sorry, there's no robot for Plateau.   It's hard!  How do you plan when you don't know what the pieces are!
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The back story: 
along with Lines of Action, Plateau had been on my "wish I had a server" list for a long time.  So once I did have a server, Plateau was an immediate candidate.


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