Boardspace from MacOS

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Boardspace from a macintosh computer requires Java to be installed.  If you do not have java yet, visit, download and install it.
This page has other information about getting java installed and configured on your computer.

The actual boardspace application is a set of java ".jar" files which are downloaded once and cached locally.  There are three variant
launchers that take care of the details, and also keep your local copy up to date with the current version.  Whever method you choose,
you'll have to cope with windows efforts to prevent you being tricked in to downloading malware.  
For the record: boardspace isn't malware, doesn't damage your PC, and won't annoy you with advertising.

Method #1: Download this MacOS disk image  boardspace icon .  Open the disk image, and drag the boardspace app anywhere. Your desktop is a good place.
The first time you click to run the executable, use CONTROL-CLICK and select "Open".  You will probably see a scary pop-up similar to this:
 mac warning.  
Click on "Open" and it will run anyway.

Method #2: Use  java web start icon to launch the client.   Your browser may resist java web start, or may offer
to save a file instead.  You can click to launch a ".jnlp" file that was downloaded.   The first time you launch java web start,
you will see a security pop-up warning about running untrusted applications.  Give permission.

Method #3:  Jar files are directly executable; it's all really the same under the hood, but you don't get a pretty icon by default.
You can download the launcher jar file, place it anywhere, and click to launch it.   You can also copy this exact jar file to a 
Macintosh or a Linux PC and launch it there, or launch it from a command line similar to "java -jar boardspace.jar".   

Whichever of these hoops you choose to jump through, when you run the launcher application you should see a window
similar to this, and you're on your way.  Eventually you will want to create an account (it's free) but the first time you can 
check the "guest" box and log in as an anonymous guest.

login screen

A general guide how to use Boardspace after you log in is here
or help videoView a short video to help get you started.

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