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Raj is a perfect information card game invented by Alex Randolph.  There are cards, but there is no shuffling and no luck.  The variability in the game is only the unknown order in which the prizes will be offered.

Equipment: There are 15 prizes with values -5 to 10, and each player has an identical deck of 15 cards with values 1 to 15.

Rules: A prize is chosen randomly, and all players bid for the prize by playing one of their remaining cards.  High card wins for positive prize values, Low card wins for negative prize values.   Equal bids cancel, and if all the bids are cancelled, the prize rolls over to the next round.

Winning: when all prizes have been auctioned, the winner is the player with the highest total value.

Robots: To be determined, but monte-carlo style rollouts are used, and they should be increasingly effective in the latter states of a game.

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The back story: 
Raj is an infuriatingly pure bidding game that supplies a couple of items from my wish list for the site. It's a card game, and it is a true simultaneous play game.


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