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spaghetti pattern


is an elegant game played with one type of tile, which has a cross on one side and two quarter-circles on the other.  The goal of the game is to form a closed loop in your color, or a line which extends eight spaces from margin to margin.  Spaces where only one tile can fit are filled automatically.   There are a few more conditions in the official rules, but that's really just about it.

Trax is a fast, tactical game, where one player is almost always threatening an immediate win.  Played by experts, pattern recognition seems to be more important than deep analysis.

Robots: the robot players for Trax are pretty good, but still beatable.  They're definitely good enough to teach you the game, but not good enough to use to practice for a serious tournament.
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The back story: 
Trax is a "help for my friends" project.  I've been aware of Trax for a long time, and it gets many good mentions, but it never particularly grabbed me as a game.  Then my friends at Tantrix decided to take over manufacturing and marketing it from their friend David Smith.  How could I resist?


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