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LOA at the First Mindsports Olympiad

London 19 and 20th August, 1997

Gold Fred Kok, The Netherlands; PBEM as "tangram" ( 6/6 )
Silver Ragnar Wikman, Finland; PBEM as "ragnar"
Bronze John Bosley, New Sealand

According to Fred Kok: There were only four participants but we had a great time. The internet players tangram and ragnar dominated the whole tournament. Fred Kok has supplied commented game records for the two games between himself and Ragnar Wikman, which can be downloaded for offline viewing, or click below to launch a viewer:

First Email LOA Tournament

In 1996-97, I organized a 7 player Email round robin tournament (in which I won all my games). After the tournament completed, I went back and commented on all of the games, (not just mine); and several other players also contributed.

The skill levels and playing styles of the players in the tournament varied widely, so these games constutute a good teaching reference for beginner and intermediate level players.

Game Dulcich-Cohen

This game between Fabio Dulcich and Philip Cohen, from AISE Grand Prix, 1993. This applet frame includes two versions of the game: commented in English and commented in Italian. Download.

dulcich-cohen, final position
  1/ C8-C6    A4-C2    
  2/ G8-G6    C2:G6    
  3/ C6:G6    H7-F7    
  4/ B8-D6    H6-F4    
  5/ E8-E6    A7-C5    
  6/ B1-D3    A5-D5    
  7/ F1-C4    A3:D3    
  8/ F8:C5    H5-E5    
  9/ D8-C7    F4:C4    
 10/ G1-G3    F7-F6    
 11/ C1-B2    A2:E6    
 12/ B2:E5    H3-F5    
 13/ C7:C4    H4-F4    
 14/ E1-E4    E6-G4    
 15/ C5-D4    D3-F3    
 16/ C4-C3    H2-H3    
 17/ G3-H4    F6:H4    
 18/ D1:D5    F3-F6    
 19/ G6-F7    

Game Yearout-Dulcich

This game between Paul Yearout and Fabio Dulcich appeared in NostAlgia #356, P.33. , and reproduced here with permission. It's especially notable that not once during the game did either player threaten to connect! Download.

The diagram here is of the final position, at which point Black resigned.

final position of the game
  1/ B1-B3   H3-E3   
  2/ B3:E3   A3:C1   
  3/ E3-B6   A2-C4   
  4/ C8-C5   A7-C7   
  5/ D1-B3   C1:C5   
  6/ B8-B5   H5-D5   
  7/ F1-F3   D5:F3   
  8/ E1-E3   A4-D4   
  9/ E8-E6   H7-F7   
 10/ D8-D6   A5-B4   
 11/ G1-G3   D4:D6   
 12/ G8-G6   H6-F4   
 13/ G6-F5   C5:F5   
 14/ B3:F3   H4-D4   

 15/ E3-E5   C7-C5    
 16/ G3-E3   F5-E4    
 17/ F8-E8   H2-G2    
 18/ E3-G3   B4-E7    
 19/ G3-G5   G2-G4    
 20/ G5:C5   G4:E6  
 21/ E8-C6   E6-D7    
 22/ B5-B3   C4-G4    
 23/ F3-D3   A6-C4    
 24/ C6:E4   D7-C6    
 25/ D3-F3   D6-G6    
 26/ F3:C6   E7:C5    
 27/ B3-B5   C4-E6    
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Entering more games

A prelimininary version of an applet that you can use to enter and comment games is availale here

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